Friday, August 18, 2017

Colorful Crayon Resist Llamas

       These colorful crayon pictures of llamas were made by an enthusiastic bunch of first graders at the school where I worked several years ago. After completing their pictures they washed them with thin watercolors; the results are stunning, don't you think?

How fibers from llamas is processed to make sweaters.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Caterpillar Finger Plays

This nursery finger play comes with pictures, hand motions and piano sheet music for early learning and kindergarten teachers.
 Fuzzy little caterpillar,
Crawling, crawling on the ground!
Fuzzy little caterpillar, 
Nowhere, nowhere to be found
Though we've looked and looked and hunted 
Everywhere around!
 When the little caterpillar 
Found his furry coat too tight,
Then a snug cocoon he made him
Spun of silk so soft and light;
Rolled himself away within it--
Slept there day and night.

See how this cocoon is stirring!
Now a little head we spy--
What! Is this our caterpillar 
Spreading gorgeous wings to dry?
Soon the free and happy creature
Flutters gayly by.
Sheet music to accompany the finger play.

Monday, August 14, 2017

How to make a paper pinwheel

Illustrations of pinwheels
       No mechanical toy is more interesting to make, nor more interesting to watch in operation, than a miniature windmill. It is a very simple toy to construct, and the material for making one can usually be found at hand, which are two reasons why nearly every boy and girl at one time or another builds one.
       The Paper Pin wheel shown in Fig. i is one of the best whirlers ever devised. A slight forward thrust of the stick handle upon which it is mounted starts it in motion, and when you run with the stick extended in front of you it whirls at a merry speed.
        A piece of paper 8 or 10 inches square is needed for the pinwheel. Fold this piece of paper diagonally from corner to corner, both ways. Then open the paper, and with a pair of scissors cut along the diagonal creases, from the corners to within J inch of the center (Fig. 2). Next, fold corners A, B, C, and D over to the center, as shown in Fig. 3, run a pin through the corners and through the center of the sheet Fig. 2. - Diagram for Paper f paper, drive the point of this pin into the end of the stick handle, and the pinwheel will be completed.
pinwheel pattern
Decorate with pinwheels

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thanksgiving Clip Art for Crafts

       Enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with your students using my clip art for personal crafts and classrooms. Read the Terms of Use before downloading. 

A pastel drawing of a flocked turkey.
A native American teepee.
Vintage Indian travel doll
A pilgrim's hat, corn and pumpkin
Horn of plenty and text "Happy Thanksgiving"

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Spooky Clip Art for All Hallow's Eve

       Teachers, parents and little ones may decorate their personal Halloween crafts and treats with this clip art by Kathy Grimm. Read the Terms of Use.
An owl seated on top of a jack-o-lantern, text "Whoo Whooo"
"Happy Halloween!" spider and web
A creepy jack-o-lantern
"MEOW" black cat and text

Thoroughly Irish Clip Art

       Below are some Irish themed clip art for your classroom's St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Decorate worksheets, games, and craft projects with students too! This clip art is original to my site and copyrighted, Read the Terms of Use before downloading.

A ladies hat trimmed with a plaid bow and shamrocks.
A tiny leprechaun, barrel and potatoes.
The Irish flag and lucky shamrocks.
A happy leprechaun carries a sack of potatoes
A leprechaun dressed in a green suit smoking a lucky pipe.

Valentine Cuties Clip Art

Valentine flowers
       These little Valentine doodles were made years ago by my mother for her classroom projects. They would be fun to print on sticker paper and cut out for your students' next Valentine card craft. The clip art is free only for personal crafts and classrooms. Do not include it in any other online collections.
Valentine lady bugs
Valentines and ribbons
Valentines in a vase
Heart and stems for a Valentine

Friday, August 4, 2017

Salt Lifting Some Sand Castles

       Here you can see, third and fourth grade art students have added a bit of table salt to their wet watercolor paintings of sand castles; this is called salt lifting. Although the end product is unpredictable, it is a fun additional step to add to your young student's watercolor painting experiences. That last additional step will give their castles a bit of extra sandy grit.

Use ordinary table salt to add texture to
 your watercolor paintings.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Mist and All

Click to enlarge and download.
The Mist and All by Dixie Willson

I like the fall,
The mist and all.
I like the night owl's
Lonely call--
And wailing sound 
Of wind around.

I like the gray
November day,
And bare, dead boughs
That coldly sway
Against my pane.
I like the rain.

I like to sti
And laugh at it--
And tend
My cozy fire a bit.
I like the fall--
The mist and all--


Click to enlarge and download.
Lincoln by Nancy Byrd Turner

There was a boy of other days,
A quiet, awkward, earnest lad,
Who trudged long weary miles to get
 A book on which his heart was set--
And then no candle had!

He was too poor to buy a lamp
But very wise in woodmen's ways.
He gathered seasoned bough and stem,
And crisping leaf, and kindled them
Into a ruddy blaze.

Then as he lay full length and read,
The firelight flickered on his face,
And etched his shadow on the gloom,
And made a picture in the room,
In that most humble place.

The hard years came, the hard years went,
But, gentle, brave, and strong of will,
He met them all. And when today
We see his pictured face we say, 
"There's light upon it still."

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Paper Cutting & Silhouette Index

Examples of cut silhouette designs in paper from the collection below.
        Papercutting is the art of cutting paper designs. The art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adopt to different cultural styles. Read more...
More Articles About The Art of Silhouetting:
  1. The Lost Art of Silhouetting
  2. Authors and Artists Starring in Latest Silhouette Movies, from 1916 
  3. Paper Lesson Plans Links k-12
  4. Where does the word "silhouette" come from? 
  5. The Art of Paper Craft
  6. Who Was Johann Kaspar Lavater? 
  7. "The Snow Queen" in Scherenschnitt 
  8. Silhouettes by A Swedish Artist 
  9. Paper Cutting Patterns by Auguste Edouart 
  10. Paper Folding Craft Links
  11. Ways to Display Scherenschnitt and Silhouettes
Silhouette Artist Videos:
  1. Paper Cutting by Julie Marabelle 
  2. "Laundry Day" by Kathryn Carr 
  3. Schneekonigin, Scherenschnitt, Snow Queen
  4. BĂ©atrice Coron: Her Stories Cut from Paper 
  5. How to cut paper lanterns by Koh Sim Hoo 
  6. "The Lion and the Mouse Fable" in Silhouettes 
  7. The Adventures of Prince Achmed 
  8. Charlotte "Lotte" Reiniger
Paper Cut Artifacts to Illustrate Poems:
  1. "In the Swing" Silhouette and Poem
  2. Shadows
  3. Cold Water
  4. Bessie's Knitting
  5. Lincoln 
  6. The Mist and All
  7. Josephus Hyde and His Sinful Pride
  8. "If Pets, Why Not Useful Ones?"
Patterns of Paper Cuts: Additional Motifs:
  1. Papercutting by Walter Crane 
  2. Pater Patterns by Paul Konewka
  3. The Three Bears Silhouette
  4. Silhouettes from "The Little Minister"
  5. Paper cuts of sports and social occasions...
  6. Paper Cuts of Children from 1859
  7. The Eastford Boys Silhouettes
  8. "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" by Goodridge
  9. Old-fashioned figures in profile...
  10. Woodbury Papercutting Designs 
  11. Old-Fashioned Halloween Silhouettes
  12. Paper cut of a very fuzzy cat
  13. Patterns by Silhouette Artist, Joseph Martin Klaus
  14. A seated soldier paper cut
  15. Arranging flowers paper cut
  16. Silhouette of Mother and Child In A Garden
  17. Silhouette by Artists Unknown
  18. A charming paper cut of deer
  19. Fairy Friends Paper Cuts 
  20. Silhouettes by Nelly Bodenheim
  21. The Civic Ball In Silhouette, 1917
  22. Paper Silhouettes by Mrs. Collins 
  23. Silhouette Profiles of Young Boys
  24. Jack and Jill Silhouette
  25. "Tom, Tom the Piper's Son" by Goodridge
  26. "Hey Diddle Diddle" by Goodridge
  27. Paper Cuts of Children With a Pony
  28. Polish Gwaizdy Paper Templates 
Page last updated August 3rd, 2017

Insects or Bugs Index

Samples of insect artifacts in my collection below.
       Is an insect useful or beautiful? No one could answer questions like these simply by saying "yes" or "no," because the class to which the name insects is applied includes thousands of different species and uncounted millions of individuals, of many degrees of usefulness, beauty and harmfulness. There is no other class in the animal kingdom, on land or in the sea which claims so many members as the class Insecta, as scientists designate it.
Insect Artifacts for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. The Caterpillar
  2. Don't Belittle Little Things
  3. Draw a Shaded White Spider Web
  4. Mrs. Bee Explains
  5. "Bee Mine" Valentines
  6. Craft a Ruote Pasta Web
  7. Draw a Design from A Spider's Web
  8. "Love Bug" Valentines
  9. The Grasshopper and The Ant 
  10. Craft your very own butterfly kite!
  11. Craft a Half-Eaten Home!
  12. String a Wormy Apple Craft
  13. Caterpillar Finger Plays 
Insect Artifacts from Easter Egg Crafts:
  1. Craft a Simple Butterfly Mask
  2. Craft a Very Hungry Caterpillar
  3. Repeating Line Butterfly Design
  4. The Living Butterfly
  5. Create a Butterfly Yarn Picture 
  6. "Handy" little butterflies
  7. Drawing Butterflies Through Five Progressive Steps 
  8. Craft Doily Butterflies
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Saint Valentine's Day Index

Examples of Valentine Activities in my collection below.
        A saint of the Roman calendar, said to have been martyred in A.D. 306. The custom of choosing valentines on his day (February 14th) has been accidentally associated with his name. On the eve of Saint Valentine's day, young people of both genders used to meet, and each of the men drew from a number of names of the opposite sex. Each gentleman thus got a lady for his valentine, and he became the valentine of a lady, to whom he was bound to be faithful for a year. A similar custom prevailed in the Roman Luperealia, to which the modern custom has with probability, been traced. The day now celebrated by sending through the post, sentimental or ludicrous missives, specially prepared for the purpose.
Valentine Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. Assemble Hershey Kiss Bouquets for Valentine's Day
  2. Design and Craft a Sailor's Valentine
  3. "You Take The Cake!" Valentine
  4. The Lovable Child
  5. A Conversational Heart Bulletin Board
  6. "You're Sodalicious Valentine!"
  7. Craft a Welsh Corgi Valentine Mailbox
  8. Craft a Paper Candy Posy for Your Valentine
  9. "Apple of My Eye" Valentines
  10. Craft a Pennant Styled Valentine Banner
  11. Craft a Valentine Cracker or Two
  12. Craft a Little Valentine Garden
  13. Little Stories by Little Folks
  14. A Valentine Acrostic
  15. Display Your Valentine Collections in Large Hanging Heart Pockets
  16. "Bee Mine" Valentines
  17. Grandmamma's Valentine
  18. "Love Bug" Valentines
  19. A Drawing Contest for Valentine's Day
  20. Handmade Valentines of The 1800s
  21. Over 100 Quality Valentine Links!
  22. Vulgar Vinegar for Valentines Day?
  23. The Manufactured Valentine
  24. Craft Valentine's Day Journals
  25. A Mother's Valentines
  26. "The Queen of Hearts" by Randolph Caldecott
  27. Cut-Out, Paste and Paint a Jim Dine Valentine
  28. Patterns for Home-Made Valentines
  29. Sociologists Say Kissing is an Expression of Advanced Civilization
  30. Valentines Manufactured by Esther Howland
  31. Valentine Mailbox Links
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Friday, July 28, 2017

Halloween or All Hollows Eve Index

Pictures of artifacts in my collection below.
        Halloween is on the evening of October 31. Though the occasion is usually given over to frolics, mischief and entertainments of an hilarious nature, the name means, literally, Holy Eve. In fact, October 31rst is the eve of the Church festival of All Saints, which occurs on November 1rst. Long ago pagan people celebrated All Saint's Day in honor of the good and evil spirits which were believed to inhabit the earth, and the frolicking of today is merely a survival of these superstitious customs.
       Children of the St. Louis, Missouri area are expected to perform a joke, usually a simple Halloween-themed pun or riddle, before receiving any candy; this "trick" earns the "treat". Sometimes children also perform a magic trick, recite a short poem or perform a simple tumbling trick, like a cartwheel, in order to receive their candy. Parents also normally accompany their children and most are in costume as well. Because I live in St. Louis, I've included listings of jokes and poems below. 
Halloween Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans: St. Louis Style
  1. Just Admiring the Giant, Halloween, Yard Art on A Lovely Fall Day...
  2. Halloween Party Favor Ideas for The Classroom
  3. A jack-o-lantern maze
  4. A Safe Place for Trick-or-Treaters to Party
  5. A Jack-O-Lantern Dot-To-Dot
  6. The Haunted Palace
  7. How to Draw a Halloween Cat
  8. Feelings Faces Game for Halloween
  9. Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Number Books
  10. 100 Spooky Crafts & Treats For Halloween
  11. "Spooky" Tree Watercolor Painting
  12. Paint, Cut and Paste Your Own Bumpy Little Pumpkins
  13. Scrumdiddlyumptious Apple and Quince Treats and Recipes!
  14. How Halloween Came to Be Celebrated in Christendom
  15. Hallowe'en in Olden Time
  16. Craft an Edible Jack-O-Lantern Bingo Game
  17. Corpse Bride
  18. The Story of "Stingy Jack"
  19. Arsenic and Old Lace
  20. Costumes Worn On Halloween
  21. Improvised Masquerade Costumes
  22. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  23. Craft an Animated Skeleton
  24. Old-Fashioned Halloween Silhouettes 
  25. How to Make "Pumpkin Spice" or "Pumpkin Pie" Playdough
  26. Bake a Fortune Cake
  27. "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"
  28. Around The Apple Tub
  29. Over 100 Riddles for Trick-Or-Treaters
  30. "The Raven," by Edgar Allen Poe
  31. How to make caramel apples, yum!
  32. Knock, Knock Links
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Ocean and Seashore Index

Pictures of artifacts in index below.
       The ocean or sea is the vast body of water which covers nearly three-fourths of the surface of the globe. Although no portion of it is completely detached from the rest, the ocean has been theoretically divided into several great basins or areas, namely, the Pacific Ocean, which separates Asia and Australia from America; the Atlantic Ocean which separates America from Europe and Africa; the Indian Ocean, which intervenes between Africa and Australia; the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, round the North and South poles respectively. Between these divisions no very definite limits can be drawn; thus it is impossible to say where the Atlantic or the Pacific ends and the Antarctic or Southern Ocean begins.
Ocean and Seashore Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. The Sea Gull by Mary Howitt
  2. Break! Break! Break!
  3. Song for All Seas, All Ships
  4. Craft an entire school of "Rainbow Fish" from paper plates!
  5. Design and Craft a Sailor's Valentine
  6. Octopus Clock Craft
  7. Salt Lifting Some Sand Castles
More Ideas For The Study of The Sea:
Page last updated on August 4th, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Children's Poetry & Prose Index

Many of the poems and prose in my index come with illustrated prints.
       Poetry, one of the two greatest classes of literary production, the other being prose. According to the usual meaning of the term, poetry is rhythmical, imaginative language which appeals to the emotions and the artistic sense. As we think casually of the question, we take for granted that prose was the earlier form of literature. Moliere in one of his comedies shows the surprise of an old man who discovers that he has been, all his life, "talking prose without knowing it;" but most of us are conscious that we "talk prose," and we see nothing wonderful about it. Prose is so much simpler and more natural than poetry, we think, and surely the early nations must have had a well-developed prose literature before they ventured to attempt poetry?
 Hieroglyphics Artifacts:
  1. Hieroglyphics or Picture Writing" The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear
Poetry Artifacts for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. The Train by C. H. Crandall
  2. The Woodpecker
  3. The Sea Gull by Mary Howitt
  4. The Lovable Child
  5. The Caterpillar
  6. The Plains' Call...
  7. Rain In Summer
  8. When Winter Comes
  9. A Valentine Acrostic 
  10. Grandmamma's Valentine
  11. The Snow-Bird
  12. Don't Belittle Little Things
  13. A Wise Old Owl
  14. The Owl by Tennyson
  15. Song to The Violet 
  16. A Mother's Valentines
  17. Politeness
  18. Washington's Birthday
  19. The Firemen Say Safety Comes First!
  20. "When The Frost Is On the Punkin"
  21. "The Queen of Hearts" by Randolph Caldecott
  22. On May Morning
  23. The Turkey's Lament by King Gobbler
  24. A Summer Snowstorm!
  25. The Circus Day Parade
  26. "The Raven," by Edgar Allen Poe
  27. The Snowman Song
  28. "The Cornstalk's Lesson" Poem
  29. "Roasting Corn" Poem
  30. The Coming of Spring
  31. Little Apple Rhymes and Poems
  32. "In the Swing" Silhouette and Poem
  33. Shadows
  34. The Haunted Palace
  35. Cold Water
  36. Bessie's Knitting
  37. Josephus Hyde And His Sinful Pride
  38. Lincoln 
  39. The Mist and All
More Excellent Poetry Resource for Kids:
Page last updated August 3rd, 2017.

Apple Index

Sample pictures from the Apple Index below.
       Apple, a fruit that many authorities consider the most valuable of any cultivated by mankind. It is by far the most generally cultivated of any grown in the temperate regions, and it is also one of the most appreciated. The person who does not enjoy eating apples is a rarity. The tree which bears this popular fruit belongs to the rose family. It can be grown in Norway and other countries as far north as 65 degrees north. The blossoms are very susceptible to injury from frost, but they appear mush later then peach or apricot blossoms and so avoid the late frost which would be fatal to fruit bearing. Apple trees reach a moderate height and have spreading branches. The leaves are nearly oval, and the pinkish-white flowers are produced from very short shoots or spurs, which are usually of two years' growth.

Apple Artifacts & Art for Enhancing Lesson Plans:
  1. DIY Apple Card Games for Early Learners
  2. A Summer Snowstorm!
  3. "Apple of My Eye" Valentines
  4. Print and Play An Apple Themed Color Sort Game
  5. Stringing Beads at The Early Leaning Center
  6. Scrumdiddlyumtious Apple Quince Treats and Recipes!
  7. "A" was once a counting apple pie too!
  8. Little Apple Rhymes and Poems
  9. Craft a Half-Eaten Home!
  10. All 'descendants' of Johnny Appleseed
  11. Links to More Than 100 Apple Crafts!
  12. Craft an Apple Lacing Card from A Paper Plate
  13. String a Wormy Apple Craft
  14. "Oats and Wild Apples," by Frank Asch
  15. "Ten Red Apples," by Pat Hutchins
  16. Johnny Appleseed Praise and Worship
  17. Who was Johnny Appleseed?
  18. The "Act" of Tearing Develops Small Muscles
  19. Around The Apple Tub 
 More Fun Apple Crafts:
Page last updated on July 28th, 2017